3 Reasons Why Bartending is a Great Job

3 reasons why bartending is a great job

There Are So Many Reasons Why Bartending is an Awesome Gig!

You’ve decided you want to bartend, and it’s a great opportunity! There are so many reasons why bartending is a great job- from good hours to great pay, a fun environment, and the fact that your services are always in demand!  We’re here to tell you why this new career is a great choice for you!


#1. The Pay is Great!

Most bartenders are paid the state hourly minimum wage, which may be off putting, but think again! On top of this basic and guaranteed pay, they tend to make excellent tips and gratuities! People are ready and willing to pay extra for great service, and a knowledgeable and friendly bartender. Even a tip of a dollar here and there from a satisfied customer really adds up over the course of a shift! An hourly wage plus tips in California can easily vary from $20+ at a local dive bar that is relatively slow, to $60-$100 per hour at a busy night at a bar or club.

The faster, friendlier, and more knowledgeable you are in the bartending industry, the better tips you will make. A smile on your face and a kind word to your customers will make their day brighter, and make yours more lucrative.

Of course money is not the only reason to be interested in a job, but it’s great incentive! A good career that pays well is a good thing to have. Think of what you could do with that money? Pay off student loans, pay your bills, finally buy a reasonably priced new car? Making that kind of money, you can live on a part time job! Wouldn’t it be great to be able to work part time and make full time money?


#2 The Hours Are So Convenient!

Bartenders can find work in a wide variety of establishments, including taverns, bars, restaurants, casinos, concert venues, nightclubs, and event staffing companies. Because of this, there is a bartending job that will fit basically everyone’s schedule. If you need to work days, a dive bar or a restaurant would be a great choice for you. Do you to work nights? A club or concert venue is the perfect choice. Assuming you wish to work sporadically, a freelance gig with an event or party staffing company would work for you. If your schedule is more flexible and you want full time hours, try a casino! There are so many options, and so many businesses looking for that perfect bartender, you will find something that perfectly meets your needs.

Not only this, but depending on where you work and how much money you make, it’s very possible to work less hours or days and still make enough money to live on. This frees you up to pursue other aspects in your life that you enjoy that don’t revolve around work. Hobbies, taking care of your children, a side job- all of this is entirely possible with a steady bartending gig!


#3 Everyone Loves Their Bartender

A friendly bartender is a valued commodity in any bar and in any neighborhood. Bartending is a job that you can go to every day knowing that people will be looking forward to seeing you. You provide them with drinks, but you also provide entertainment, wisdom, and idle chit chat. Many people will visit your bar and return specifically because they enjoy the atmosphere and the temperament of the bar staff. A good bar has an easygoing and friendly atmosphere, and you’re a huge part of that! Making a difference in your customers lives is an enjoyable part of this business. As a bartender you will be a valued part of your community- and that never gets old!

You never know who is having a bad day and just needs to hear a kind word or have an uplifting conversation with their friendly neighborhood bartender. It’s an easy way to give back to the community, and a fun way to spend your shift at work!


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