Bartender Certification

California bartender certification

California Bartending Certification

National Bartender serves most of California and offers bartending certification and guaranteed jobs for all our students. Because of our extensive bartender training course and certification programs, classes and on the job training opportunities, our students are often snapped up by hospitality businesses throughout California.

Our Certification

Our bartender certification is a valuable asset. National Bartender schools are recognized statewide within the bartending industry.  Our graduates are highly desirable because of the hands-on training we provide and the fact that students are extensively trained.  The first jobs students get offered are provided by the schools’ job placement programs allowing them to learn, earn and make bartending a career.

Do I Need Bartending Certification?

Knowledge is power. Getting yourself situated within the bartending industry requires training, jobs and connections. Our bartending schools located throughout Southern California offer graduates extensive training, immediate jobs and access to bartender career options.

A Bartending Certification Is Not Necessary

A Bartending Certification Is not needed but having a recognizable Bartending Certification from National Bartenders is extreme advantage when seeking  job opportunities. Many businesses seeking bartenders appreciate hiring those with as much experience as possible. They generally do not have the time or need to teach newly hired staff job basics.
Having a bartender school certification from a National Bartender School tells potential employers that you have the qualifications needed to perform the job and it will often result in getting hired above those with no experience or training.
If you are seriously seeking work as a professional bartender or looking for part-time work bartending, sign-up and take the bartending certification program we offer. Get the most recognized bartender certification training offered in California.