Become a Bartender

Become A Bartender Everyone Likes – 4 Keys
Everyone remembers their favorite drink pourer, leaving you wondering how you can become a bartender everyone likes. After all, the favorite bartender usually makes the big bucks. However, It takes some particular qualities to be of the best.
Luckily, everything is learn-able. If you may want to become a bartender, take notice to these 5 traits of a great one:

1. Extremely Personable

Probably not a shocker, bartending requires strong social skills. A great bartender loves to be around people from all walks of life, and is comfortable taking the lead in any conversation.
To become a bartender everyone likes, it can be as simple as holding meaningful conversations.

2. Great Memory

To become a bartender, one must memorize the recipes for hundreds of different types of drinks. But that’s not what makes a great one.
A great bartender remembers the drinks of their customers, asking if they want a refill of [specific drink] before being asked to do so. By remembering what the customer ordered before hand, the bartender creates a sense of camaraderie.
The customer feels special that their drink preference has been remembered, often leaving the bartender with a nice tip.

3. Comfortable Under Pressure

Most bartenders, at some point in their serving career, will be under a great deal of pressure when working. Customers will be swarmed around the bar, and it will be their job to serve quickly and efficiently while maintaining good customer service.
A good bartender not only gets through these pressure situations, but thrives in it. You must be a great multi-tacker and sharp thinker to become a bartender that the customers come back.
The rush is what makes or break an elite bartender. As the saying goes, diamonds are made under pressure.

4. Continually Improving the Craft

A great bartender doesn’t only serve the “classics,” but can also serve a wide variety of drinks. It’s those drinks that no one has ever seen or heard of that makes the experience with the bartender fun and memorable.
To become a bartender that serves these types of signature drinks, practice is required. Like any craft, it must be worked on and perfected through time and effort.
If you can make your bar experience stand out from the rest, it will likely keep customers coming back and tipping big. Time spent working on your craft is far from wasted, and is sure to work out in your favor.
Think you have what it takes to become a bartender? Get started today!