National Bartender Schools

Should I go to bartending school?

To be honest, I don’t know if you should go to bartending school.  Maybe you shouldn’t!
If you feel this is a profession that involves drinking  on the job,  showing up late,  being surly with customers,  I’d probably argue that this might not be for you!  Perhaps your talents are better suited working as….  Online blogger?  Or maybe working for  the DMV?
There have been people I’ve turned away from bartending school,  that said, there have been thousands of people I’ve brought in to learn bartending and become a bartender.
Motives range;  Some people  wanted to learn bartending for themselves and  for small get togethers.  Some people are looking for part-time work as while in school, or weekend shifts to enhance their regular income.   Some people need a change.
I have met with dozens of people that were unemployed, out of money, and in the middle of their roughest patch In their lives and whose lives improved drastically in a matter of weeks. Getting certified bought them  a solid living,  flexible hours, and a job they love.