Corporate Mixology Classes

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Shake Up Team Building with Our Corporate Mixology Classes

National Bartenders provides the ultimate experience in corporate team building – our Corporate Mixology Class!

Designed to foster teamwork, creativity, and a whole lot of fun, these classes are perfect for teams looking to bond and build skills outside the typical office environment.


Why Choose a Corporate Mixology Class?

  • Team Building: Encourage collaboration and communication in a relaxed, informal setting.
  • Learning and Development: Enhance your team’s knowledge about spirits, cocktail making techniques, and the art of mixology.
  • Engagement: A unique way to engage employees, celebrate milestones, or welcome new team members.
  • Customizable: Tailored to suit your team’s size, skill level, and preferences.

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Our Classes Include:

  • Expert-led instruction by top mixologists
  • Hands-on cocktail making and tasting
  • Insight into the history and art of mixology
  • All necessary ingredients and equipment
  • Fun competitions and team challenges

Who Can Benefit?

  • Businesses looking for innovative team building activities
  • Companies celebrating corporate milestones or events
  • Teams seeking to enhance collaboration and creativity
  • HR departments aiming to boost employee engagement and morale



How do you plan a corporate cocktail party?

  • To plan a corporate cocktail party, begin by setting a budget and choosing an appropriate date and venue. Decide on a theme and dress code to set the tone. Then call National Bartenders at (323) 683-1171 so we can answer all your questions and customize your event appropriately.

Do you have non-alcoholic options?

  • Of course! The so-called Mocktail options are always available. Just le us know ahead of time when you contact us.

What if some or all of our employees work remote?

  • Not a problem! We cater to your needs to help make this experience as rewarding as possible. We have online courses available upon request.

What is a popular cocktail team building activity?

  • The cocktail team-building activity is an engaging way to master cocktail-making skills, akin to professional bartenders. It involves various challenges, each focusing on a different aspect of cocktail preparation.


Booking Information:

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