Event Bartending Jobs Great Source of Income

parttime bartending jobs los angeles staffingIt can be overwhelming, spending countless hours filling out applications for jobs that you don’t really want, but you need. You make compromises, putting your dream career on hold. You feel as if you need to settle, getting a job that doesn’t offer advancement opportunities.
Just to make ends meet.

You are great with people and maybe you have worked in hospitality before. You could have worked the front desk at a hotel, waited on tables at a busy restaurant, or have worked at a dive bar.
Maybe you have never worked in a bar or a restaurant but your office job, or other career, is driving you crazy. You would love to bartend but you don’t have much, if any experience.
Does having flexibility with your schedule, working in an electric environment, making great pay, and also having an opportunity to build a new career sound appealing to you?

Have you considered event bartending?


Is the freedom of picking and choosing your shifts based on your availability important to your career?
Would you like to take a break from applying to jobs that you have no interest in having and start focusing on what you actually care about?
You could finally finish your demo reel, write that screenplay, or start focusing on your entrepreneurial dreams. Think about all of the things that you could accomplish if you had the flexibility that you need.

Fun Environment

Are you sick of being cooped up in a poorly lit office from 9-5, where you are expected to keep your head down, be quiet, and focus just on your work? If you are looking for the exact opposite, event bartending is for you!
Switch cramped cubicles with scenic outdoor venues, the watercooler for the coolest clubs, or board meetings for the most exclusive bars in town. You rarely work in the same place so you can avoid the dreaded mindless routine.
Instead of silently drowning in paperwork, and painfully waiting for your shift to end, you could focus on making great drinks for patrons and keeping a smile on your face while you listen to great music.


Maybe you are used to showing up to work every day, working as hard as you can without it going noticed or appreciated. Maybe you work in an office or construction, but it does not really matter. You put your heart and soul into your work but it is not rewarded.
Normally, servers at restaurants and bartenders at dive bars make an almost criminally low hourly rate and are forced to rely almost entirely on tips. There will always be slow days, especially if the establishment you work at struggles to get people in the door.
Working as an event bartender, you will make a solid hourly rate, so all of the tips that you earn are just icing on the cake. When people are out, having a great time, they love to fork over extra money for outstanding service. Muddle a perfect Mojito, impress a guest, and they will definitely get up off of their wallet.

Career Potential

While part-time work may be best for some, are you just simply looking to start a career as a craft mixologist? Have you tried applying for jobs but you do not have enough experience or you have moved to an area and you do not have enough connections to find work at a quality establishment?
As an event bartender, you will have the opportunity to work with the largest catering companies as well as the most elite venues, clubs, hotels, and bars. Many great bartenders are able to find permanent work by impressing management staff with their hard work, delicious cocktails, and their excellent customer service. Event bartending will give you the opportunity to prove your skills to the people who are hiring for the best jobs. It offers a chance to start a fun career that offers tremendous advancement opportunities, instead of relying on a boring 9-5 that undervalues your time and effort.

Becoming a Certified Mixologist

What if you are not state certified or you do not have any experience bartending but you would love to learn?
NBS offers an intensive bartending course with many locations across Los Angeles. Instructors have years of experience in the industry and can offer valuable insight into making the most delicious drinks in the most efficient way. Upon completing classes and passing a written test, you would have the opportunity to work at the hottest clubs and bars in the country.
What if you need work ASAP but you’re not certified?
NBS offers bar-backing and serving positions as well. Courses are offered 6 days a week and can be completed at any time, allowing you to train to become a craft mixologist on your own schedule.

Replace Your 9-5

Event bartending is your future if you want more flexibility, are looking to work in a lively environment, with good pay and opportunities for great tips. It can help you start your next career, whether it is bartending or following your passion.
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