BEST Bartending School & Bartender Training In Long Beach, CA

Are you ready to dive into your new career of bartending?

Have you sat in awe as a bartender artfully mixed your drinks and wished you could do the same? Chances are, you’ve searched the internet, asked everyone you know about bartending schools, and in reality, there are hundreds of bartending schools out there. However, the question is, which one is really worth your time and money?

Being the biggest bartending school in California, National Bartending School of Long Beach is the answer. Consistently rated five stars on Yelp at every location, look no further to get your certification. Beginning in 1984, National Bartending school has helped thousands of people pursue their dream. As a part of a bigger family, the Long Beach school is a sister school to more than ten other schools all over California Because of this, you can attend any school within the National Bartending School branch.

What does it take to be a bartender?

To ensure your chances of getting a good bartending job, you will need to have a certification from a state licensed bartending school, experience in the field as a bartender, and thorough knowledge of mixology and alcoholic beverages, which are all provided to you by the school. From the highly detailed course, the genuine support of the instructors, to the fully stocked practice bar that is readily available to the students, you are guaranteed to leave with the best education and training for the field. There is no “time-limit” when it comes to your training, the practicing bar is open after every class for students to hone their skills and get ready for the big test. Aside from the curriculum, the school also offer Master’s Classes to take your skills to the next level. All of the instructors are very experienced bartenders who have worked or currently work at high-end establishments. They have a lot of knowledge and passion for the craft and learning from them is nothing less of a pleasure.

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Decisions, decisions…

Now you’re probably considering your pros and cons and wondering if going to bartending could break your bank. Generally bartending school could run between $400 to $600. However, because National Bartending School is also a staffing company, money is not something to worry about. While you are in school, doing your training, there are many opportunities provided to you by the school to actually work on the field as a bartender to pay for your education. The school has staffed events with bartenders and servers almost daily throughout California. The job placement is not only for while you’re in school but even after you graduate, they will continue to notify you of future job opportunities. In addition, bartending is a highly universal field to get into – wherever you go, you are almost guaranteed to have a job – but as a bartender, you have the ability to interact with new people, have a blast mixing drinks, and make genuinely great money. The average bartender can take home between $200 and $300 a day.

I’ve been with the school for a couple months and I absolutely love it. The course was extremely straightforward and practical. It never feels like another corporation out to take your money but instead, honestly care about your education and career. For more amazing testimonials from current students as well as graduates, visit the testimonial on our site.

Now what?

So what are you still waiting for? Take that big step towards the fun career you really want! For more information or to sign-up call (562) 402-0300 and ask for a tour. If you are not located in Long Beach, make sure to check out our other locations to optimize your commute.