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San Francisco Campus

Telephone: 415-793-6465
NOTE: The San Francisco Campus is a National Bartenders affiliate Bartending School.

Welcome to Bartending School & Bartending Training in beautiful San Francisco, California! National Bartending School offers amazing bartending opportunities and training right near your city!

National Bartenders School is the best place to start your journey into the fantastic world of bartending!

We offer:

  • A highly reviewed school experience with exceptional student ratings!
  • Conveniently scheduled Bartending classes 6 days a per week!
  • Excellent job placement- before and after you graduate!
  • World class mock bar for practical training!
  • Knowledgeable staff and instructors to guide you on your mixology journey!

National Bartending School stands out among the bartending schools in California as the best school with the most flexible schedule! We have terrific staff, extremely knowledgeable educators, and well equipped classrooms to train in. National Bartending School also offers the best staffing service in the state. Contact us at 415-793-6465 to get started!

The Best Staff in the Business

You have questions, and our staff is here to help! Managers are available by phone, appointment, or walk in, six days a week! Many of our instructors are graduates of our program, hence our staff has hands on experience in the beverage industry! National Bartending School encourages prospective students to pick up the phone and call, to schedule a tour and sit in on one of our amazing classes!

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Classes- On Your Own Time!

Attending school with a hectic life doesn’t have to be hard! National Bartending School offers classes two to three times per day, Monday through Saturday! Students have many classes to choose from, and out flexibility in schedule is unmatched in the industry. Our Learn to Bartend course teaches you everything you need to know for your upcoming career in bartending, all on your own time!

Classes are each approximately two hours in length, and contain a lecture and a practical portion. During the lecture, an educator explains the chapter, and demonstrates any necessary skills to the students. During the practical hour, the students are provided the opportunity to practice what they have just learned. They are encouraged to mix drinks, practice their speed, and take practice tests, thus preparing them for the final exam. The course is broken up into ten modules, with each class dedicated to one module.

The classroom is set up as a bar, designed to give students a feel for working in a bar setting. It has sinks, mock alcohol, ice machines, etc. Classes are available each day to whichever students attend first- there is no need to pre book. The schedule that you keep is completely up to you, so long as you complete your classes within one year of registration. It is possible, but not necessary, to complete bartending school within two weeks with full time attendance.

After deciding on a class to attend, please arrive on time and sign in. After class, be sure to sign out. Your schedule is up to you and based on your individual needs. National Bartending School makes it easy to attend on your own time, and complete school on your own schedule!

The Best Work Placement in San Francisco

National Bartending School offers the best work placement of all bartending schools in Southern California and San Francisco. This work placement assists students in making an income and accruing experience in the food and beverage industry, which is invaluable when seeking permanent employment as a bartender. As a student, you are eligible for employment as an event server, cocktail waiter, or bar back. After completing school and receiving your bartending certification, graduates are able to work as bartenders. Event bartenders usually make a higher hourly wage then the servers or bar backs, leading to a much better gratuity. In addition, many bars and restaurants utilize National Bartending School to fill job openings at their establishments!

Each week, our staff will post job opportunities as they come in. When you find a job that fits into your schedule, contact your designated staff member and apply. National Bartending School makes the process easy, guaranteeing success!

Come Visit Us! Plan Your Future Today!

National Bartending School of San Francisco is open Monday through Saturday for tours, phone calls, and interviews! Please feel free to visit the school as a walk-in or by appointment. Give us a call at  415-793-6465 to speak with staff and find out if National Bartending is the right place for you!