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Contact one of our Instructors in National Bartenders Bartending Schools in Los Angeles California to Make Your Own Schedule in our Bartending School In Los Angeles.

Bartending School in Los Angeles Near Me

Welcome to Bartending School & Bartending Training in exciting Los Angeles, California! National Bartending School offers amazing bartending opportunities and training right in your city! Located conveniently off of Wilshire Boulevard at:

3460 Wilshire Blvd. #1010 Los Angeles, CA 90010

National Bartending is the best place to start your journey into the fantastic world of bartending!

What does the National Bartending School in Los Angeles offer?

  • A highly reviewed Los Angeles Bartending School experience with exceptional student ratings!
  • Conveniently scheduled Bartending classes in Los Angeles 6 days a per week!
  • Excellent job placement – before and after you graduate our Bartending School in Los Angeles!
  • World class mock bar for practical Bartending training!
  • Our Los Angeles Bartending School offers Knowledgeable staff and instructors to guide you on your mixology journey!

National Bartending School stands out among the bartending schools in California as the best school with the most flexible scheduling available! We have terrific staff, extremely knowledgeable educators, and well equipped classrooms to train in. National Bartending School also offers the best staffing service in the state. Contact us at (213) 380-3200 to get started!

Who We Are

National Bartending is a school and training program, designed to emphasize bartending experience and streamline drink knowledge to expedite learning! Our specialized curriculum caters to adult students and focuses on training, memory, and practical know-how, to guarantee success in the fast paced world of bartending. We include our training manual in the registration prices, so there are no hidden costs!

Make Your Own Schedule

Our students are all adults, and many have personal responsibilities in their lives that can often make attending school difficult. Because of this, National Bartending offers several classes every day, so you can attend whenever is convenient for you!

With classes available two to three times per day, six days per week, there is always a good time to attend! We hold classes Monday through Saturday. In between classes, we encourage students to log in hours in our practice bar, which count towards your 40 hour requisite goal. The classes each cover one module of the curriculum, and they are offered on a rotating schedule.

Students are not assigned a set schedule upon enrollment or at any time during schooling- the days and times you attend are always 100% up to you. With National Bartending School, you can get your certification in as little as two weeks at most campuses, if you decide to attend full time. If you choose to attend part time, you are allowed to take up to a year for certification. It’s all up to you and your availability and dedication!

Instructors Are Here to Lead!

Many of our instructors are graduates of National Bartending School itself, and all of them have an extensive history in the beverage industry! This is necessary, as we only want instructors with practical knowledge to be teaching our students! They are able to keep the students up to date with what is currently trending in the industry!.

Instructors are always happy to give students one on one instruction on technique during and after every lecture. They are also there to give students practice exams so that you will be fully prepared to pass and graduate!

Guaranteed Work Placement!

National Bartending School is the ONLY school in Southern California that GUARANTEES their students a bartender job in Los Angeles once you have graduated! In addition to that awesome benefit, we provide staffing services for all of our current students! You can easily earn money and accrue experience while you attend school!

Current students are eligible for work as event servers, bar backs, and cocktail servers. Graduates are still eligible to work as servers and bar backs, but can obtain work as bartenders! Of course that’s the goal, and bartenders make a lot more money than servers or bar backs. Hundreds of businesses use National Bartending to staff their establishments. They know that we provide only the best bartenders.

We post employment opportunities as we get them, daily and weekly! We only submit you for the employment opportunities that you choose- you can work when your schedule allows it!

Your Future is Just One Phone Call Away!

National Bartending School always has staff ready to help you, Monday through Saturday, waiting to give you a tour of the school! While you’re here, sit in on a class, explore the campus, and ask us about our daily enrollment specials. Give us a call at (213) 380-3200 and come see us today! Bartending is a great career, and we have what you need to begin your journey to success!

How Long Is Bartending School?

Still others are looking for a good part-time program, that is easily adaptable to their lives. National Bartending School has both! If you put your all into it, bartending school can be done in as little as two weeks. If you need to space out your classes, you have up to one year to complete the course.The amount of time it takes to finish bartending school is completely up to the individual student. You are free to schedule classes around work, childcare, and other schooling- the sky is the limit with National Bartending School!

When Should I Register For Bartending School?

The easiest answer to “When should I register for bartending school?” is “Whenever you want!” Here at National Bartending School, it’s always a good time to register! You can enroll any day, Monday through Saturday! Registration is available every week of the month, every month of the year! Staff is always on campus to help you get started in bartending school, and begin your journey to a lucrative bartending career!

Can I Get Paid While I Train As A Bartender?

The short answer is “Yes! You can!” There are several ways that you can earn money while you work towards your goal of obtaining that Bartending Certification!

Bartending School & Bartender Training In Los Angeles, CA
3460 Wilshire Blvd. #1010
Los Angeles CA 90010
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