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Bartending School in Las Vegas

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We are not allowed to Guarantee Job Placement in the state of Nevada. However, we are proud to say that we have been able to provide job placement assistance to get paid jobs for 100% of our graduates!!

If you’ve been dreaming about a new career in bartending in the world’s bartending capital, now is the time. Introducing Bartending School & Bartending Training in Las Vegas, Nevada! National Bartending School offers a bartending training campus conveniently situated near Las Vegas hotels, restaurants, and the UNLV campus.

The National Bartending School in Las Vegas, NV will provide you with practical training and a hands-on curriculum that fits into your busy schedule. You’ll find everything you need for a satisfying and successful career in bartending!

Your Success Story Starts Here

The hospitality industry in Las Vegas continues to grow and the need for bartenders is growing right along with it. National Bartending School offers detailed training, proficient instructors, and classrooms equipped for your success!

Choose National Bartending School – Nevada, where you can:

  • Attend a bartending school highly rated by its students!
  • Create a class schedule that fits your busy life!
  • Reach your goals with the help of experienced instructors and staff!
  • Train behind a real bar set-up!
  • Find a job with help from our skilled job placement assistance team!

Furthermore, the National Bartending School’s superior staffing service will help you find work before and after you graduate. Call (323) 683-1171 to sign up today!

Hands-On Training

Our program at National Bartending School allows for hands-on training. We offer a real bar set-up and a well-equipped classroom to let you utilize your course knowledge.

Our curriculum requires you:

  • To attend 40 class-time hours
  • To take a practical exam
  • To take a written exam

Bartender Classes

Each class is two hours long and will cover one of the 10 chapters required to graduate. Our classes are offered six days per week, up to three times a day. The two-hour classes are made up of an hour of lecture and an hour of lab time behind our mock bar. Our mock bar is large enough to accommodate several students at a time, so class size is never a problem and space is always available.

You can visit our mock bar in your off hours to continue learning your way around the bar, improve your speed and timing, practice your pour. Our real bar set-up has working sinks, ice machines, and practice alcohol to help you feel like a working bartender. This is the closest thing to the real thing!

Bartender Testing

In order to be eligible for testing, you must be present for at least one class for each chapter covered in the textbook.

  • The practical exam will require you to mix a certain number of drinks during a set amount of time.
  • The written exam is a comprehensive exam and will include everything covered in the course.

You can also ask your instructor to provide you with a practice test to help prepare you for your final exam. You can take practice tests multiple times in order to give you the confidence you need to pass your test.

Tests are scheduled each week and once you have passed both tests you will receive your certification!

How do I become a bartender?

Many Las Vegas residents who decide to become a bartender have families or other commitments. That is why the flexible schedule offered by National Bartending gives you the opportunity to pursue your dreams without sacrifice. You can attend classes in your free time.

Each of your classes covers one chapter and is offered three times a day, Monday through Saturday, on a rotating schedule. If your child’s school play or soccer game prevents you from making a lesson, no problem, you can take it again a few days! Or if you want to brush up on your skills and Saturday’s free, come on in!

If your busy schedule only allows you to take bartending classes once in a while, that works for us! You have a year to complete your 40 hours. If your schedule is wide open, you can take classes every day and finish the course in two weeks! How soon you begin working as a bartender is up to you!

Customize your schedule at our Bartending School in Las Vegas and become a bartender in your free time!

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Instructors Who Want to Help You Learn

The highly trained staff at the Bartending School in Las Vegas, Nevada is here to help you develop the knowledge and skills that you will need to reach your highest potential as a bartender. Our instructors want to help you learn, and they will be available to guide you throughout the bartending course.

National Bartending School educators are veterans in the beverage industry, and they bring this real-world experience into the classroom. Instructors teach the basics of bartending, but they aren’t limited to what is found in a textbook. They also take the practical knowledge they’ve gained from actually working as bartenders and pass it on to you!

Job Placement Assistance

Throughout your bartender training, you will have access to our full-service mock bar where you can put your newly acquired classroom knowledge into practice. You can also work as a server or barback, earning money while gaining invaluable experience that future employers will be looking for.

Once you complete the required 40 hours of coursework and pass your tests you will graduate and earn your bartending certification. This is your ticket to working as an event or permanent bartender!

But just having your certification doesn’t guarantee that you’ll land a job as a bartender. That’s where National Bartending School comes in! We are also a staffing company, and our work placement service connects our graduates with local businesses looking for bartenders.

Hundreds of businesses know that National Bartending School graduates make the most qualified bartenders and use our job placement service to satisfy their staffing needs. New job opportunities are regularly posted online through our work placement service. You can pick and choose to apply for only those jobs that fit into your schedule.

Earn Money While Having Fun

There aren’t many jobs like bartending where you can make competitive pay while having fun. When you become a bartender through the National Bartending’s Las Vegas Bartending School you will likely go on to make excellent tips on top of your guaranteed wage.

The friendlier, more knowledgeable, and faster you are as a bartender, the more tips you will bring home. Depending on your job location and the amount of gratuity you earn, you may even be able to work fewer hours and still make enough money to live on. This allows you free time to spend time with your children, pursue your hobbies, or start a business! Have more money to pay off your student loans, buy a car, or save for your child’s education.

Whether you want to work full-time or part-time to supplement your income, bartending is a great way to reach your financial goals and have fun doing it.

Contact us today and join the next generation of bartenders.

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The Most Common Bartending Questions and Answers

Should I Go To An Online Bartending School?

We at National Bartending School understand that life is hectic, and busy; therefor we have designed an on-campus program that works for you! We have flexible class scheduling, with classes six days per week, up to three times per day. Much like an online class, you can choose when you want to attend. In addition, you can come and log practical hours during the day when class is not in session! With this formula, every student can make this curriculum work for them.

How Long Does It Take To Get My Bartender Certification?

National Bartending School can provide both options for you! Bartending school can be done in a short amount of time, or it can be done part time and take a little bit longer. The length of time spent in school varies depending on the student, however there are a few hard and fast rules to remember when planning your school career.