National Bartenders Caterer’s Permit (Type 58)

Yes, we have a full liquor license!

National Bartenders is a fully licensed company to serve alcohol throughout the state of California, both at our own school premises and at any other location.

We are licensed to train our bartenders at all of our schools using real alcoholic beverages, providing a real-life experience through our in-person and online bartending classes, to ensure a first-class instruction of pouring, mixing, and serving a wide variety of drinks upon receiving the National Bartender Certification.

What is a Caterer’s Permit and why is it important?

A Caterer’s Permit (Type 58) is a special event permit issued by the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) that allows a licensed caterer to serve alcohol at events that take place at a location other than the caterer’s licensed premises.

This means that we are fully licensed to cater and serve alcohol at any event in the state of California that books our services, ensuring that all our bartenders for hire are fully covered to fulfil their jobs expertly and in adherence of all legal standards.

National Bartenders’ Caterer’s Permit is typically used for events such as weddings, corporate events, and other private gatherings where alcohol is served to guests.

The Caterer’s Permit is issued for a specific time period and location only, and alcohol can only be served within that designated area and during the agreed time frame.

National Bartenders is a licensed caterer and we purchase the alcoholic beverages that we use for our training and serve at our events only from a licensed supplier (such as a distributor or retailer).

This guarantees that, from day one of enrolment at one of our bartending schools, our bartenders receive their instructions by handling only actual alcoholic beverages that they go on to serve upon completion of the program.

It ensures that we serve only the highest standard of beverages at every single event.

We are also responsible for ensuring compliance with all local and state laws and regulations related to the service of alcohol, which includes checking IDs to effectively curtail under-age drinking and to prevent overconsumption.

Our licenses and permits include:

  • All appropriate ABC licensing
  • Liquor liability insurance covering $5 million
  • One day or multiple day liquor permit options
  • Cash bar events available

As a holder of the official state of California Caterer’s Permit, National Bartenders guarantees full legal compliance of serving and catering at events as well as ensuring the highest possible standard and expertise of its well-trained bartending staff.


Responsible Beverage Service (RBS) Card FAQs

Do you need to be licensed or certified to bartend in California?

Yes. Starting in August 2022 California requires you to have an RBS card for alcohol sales.

What is an RBS Card and who needs it to work?

Responsible Beverage Service card is a legally required certification distributed by the Alcohol Beverage Control of California.

Anyone employed to card, serve and make an alcoholic beverage in an establishment with an on premise liquor license (including day permits) will be required starting July 2022.