BEST Sherman Oaks Bartending School


The National Bartending School of Sherman Oaks has been training top hospitality staff for over 20 years!

Currently remodeled with a 7 station bar, IBA approved curriculum and a National Bartender Certification. The NBS Certification is good for a lifetime anywhere in the country.


Our bartending classes are flexible, with morning, evening, and weekend classes available! The bartender certification you receive is considered a CA40hour and is accepted nationally. We also offer Alcohol Awareness Training Certification which is required throughout LA County and beyond.

National Bartenders School of Sherman Oaks is trusted by local bars, restaurants, clubs, and venues throughout the San Fernando Valley and beyond.

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We regularly staff top bars, restaurants, and clubs including:

  • Bel Air Club
  • Lincoln Speakeasy
  • The One Up
  • Room 40 Catering
  • The Greek Theater
  • Musashi’s of Los Angeles, Los Robles, Porter Ranch & Simi Valley
  • Paradise Bar Events
  • Darrows New Orleans Bar & Grille
  • The Rose Bowl
  • Yardbird
  • Ardi’s Catering
  • Room40
  • Shilo’s
  • Sherman Oaks Civic Arts Plaza
  • CPK of Woodland Hills
  • The Playhouse of Pasadena
  • Macaroni Grill of Northridge
  • Red
  • and dozens more!!!!

The process:

The National Certification is good anywhere in the country.

We also offer Alcohol Awareness Certifications which are required to bartend throughout LA County and beyond.

The 40-hour certification is designed to offer flexible scheduling with day, evening, and weekend classes available.

You can start anytime, and we also offer free introductory classes to anyone interested in checking out the class.

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Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Pick The National Bartending School of Sherman Oaks

#1 National Bartending School staffs some of the top bars, restaurants, and clubs in the Valley, Hollywood, West LA, and beyond!

All graduates are guaranteed job placement assistance. Most of our graduates within 1-2 weeks have made more money as a bartender than the cost of enrollment!

#2 All students and graduates get the opportunity to work events for National Bartender Staffing!

We staff private events every week (including The Bachelor TV Show, Netflix, Fandango, Shopify, TMZ, Private Weddings & Birthday Parties, and Bachelor / Bachelorette parties.

#3 Our bartending school has developed updated relevant bartending courses as a part of our curriculum.

Bartending Jobs are plentiful for graduates when the bartending school they graduate from trains the student to run the bar like a professional bartender! National Bartenders School of Sherman Oaks consulted with bar/event company owners including famed craft mixologists Anthony Kaufman, 20-year veteran Pennie Creager. Top bar owners and managers helped make the curriculum relevant for what is being ordered in 2020!!!

#4 The National Bartender Certification is for a lifetime! You do not need to renew.

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In addition, we also resume assistance, lifetime job placement assistance, and have a network of National/PBSA schools that can help with job placement throughout the country!