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Welcome to Bartending School & Bartending Training in San Diego, California! National Bartending School in San Diego offers a wide variety of opportunities for training within your city! Located at:

5140 Waring Rd.

San Diego, CA 92120

National Bartenders School is the perfect place to start your journey into the fun, fast paced, and lucrative world of bartending!

We offer:

  • A highly reviewed school experience with exceptional student ratings!
  • Conveniently scheduled Bartending classes 6 days a per week!
  • Excellent job placement- before and after you graduate!
  • World class mock bar for practical training!
  • Knowledgeable staff and instructors to guide you on your mixology journey!

There are many bartending schools in Southern California, but National Bartending School stands out as the leader in quality, knowledge, and work placement! We boast the most dedicated staff in the business, and National Bartenders is the only school in Southern California that guarantees job placement assistance during and after you graduate, due to our quality work placement program.

Our Staff is Here to Help

Experienced managers and instructors are available at our school, to answer your questions or give you a tour, Monday through Friday beginning at 11am! Many of our instructors are graduates of National Bartending School, and many of our staff and managers have had incredible experiences in the world of food and beverage. We are always available to answer any inquiry you may have, to walk you through the school in a private guided tour, or to encourage you to sit through a class to see what our school and program are all about!

Our managers are happy to sit down with you and guide you through the process and time lines that go into achieving your Bartending Certification, finding work during and after graduation, and scheduling classes! Ask our incredibly knowledgeable staff about how National Bartending School can best benefit you and your busy lifestyle!

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Evolution / History of Bartending in San Diego

Bartending in San Diego has evolved with the city’s growth. In the mid-1800s, bars emerged during the Gold Rush era. Prohibition led to speakeasies in the 1920s-1930s. Tiki bars gained popularity in the ’50s-’60s, like the iconic Bali Hai. Craft cocktails took off in the ’80s-’90s, with bars like Prohibition and Noble Experiment leading the way. Today, San Diego offers diverse options from upscale cocktail lounges to breweries, influenced by the craft beer scene.



Classes are Flexible and Convenient

We offer a very thorough Learn to Bartend course. Classes are extremely flexible, with convenient times offered up to three times a day, six days per week. The course consists of 40 class hours and a written and practical exam. Students must complete their classes within one year of starting the course. Testing consists of two parts; written and practical. Certification in bartending through the United States of America follows the completion and passing of the testing phase. Then you are then licensed to bartend in all 50 states.

Bartending school in San Diego is divided into ten modules or chapters, with each class pertaining to one chapter. Classes consists of approximately one hour of lecture and one hour of practical instruction. The instructor explains the required knowledge found in the chapter during the lecture portion, and demonstrates the applicable information, such as drink mixing, pouring, and serving. Once the lecture is complete, the students participate in an hour-long practical portion of the class. Students will mix drinks, practice pours, work on timing and speed, and memorize their way around a bar.

The bar at the school is state of the art! It is a real working bar with mock alcohol, sinks, ice machines, etc.- everything you need to familiarize yourself with a bartending environment! You will get firsthand knowledge of all that you will need to know to be a productive and speedy bartender or bar back.

Scheduling Classes is Easy!

We provide classes six days per week, presented to whoever shows up first- no signing up the night before, no checklists, no being marked absent! You choose when to attend a class; you arrive and sign in, spend your time at school learning in a fast paced, exciting environment, and sign out when you are done. All scheduling is up to you and your own private needs! National Bartenders understands that everyone has their own unique needs and timetable, and we cater to you!

The Best Work Placement in San Diego

National Bartenders School has an unmatched work placement program in Southern California! We understand that students still have to make an income, and we are here for you every step of the way. With our event staffing company, we can place students in a variety of freelance positions as event servers or bar backs. Work experience provides great on-the-job training for the food and beverage industry, is excellent for your resume. It also gets you ready for an eventual job behind the bar.

Once you have completed the 40 hours of class time and tested out to receive your Bartending Certificate, you are then eligible to be placed as a bartender! Event bartenders often make a higher wage then the servers or bar backs, and a much better gratuity. National Bartending staffing service also provides businesses with bartenders for emergency shifts. In addition, we also provide permanent staffing needs!

Many graduates have been placed into lucrative bartending positions in bars and taverns, straight out of school! Each week, we post jobs online- students can apply for the positions that they would like to fill; shifts that fall effortlessly into your schedule can be yours! It’s easy to earn extra money with event gigs through National Bartenders School staffing!

Come Visit Us! The Future Starts Today!

National Bartending School of San Diego County is open Monday through Saturday every week! Please feel free to visit the school as a walk-in or by appointment. Call us at (619) 281-2345 and speak with instructors and staff to see if National Bartending is right for you!